Verge Dance Collective is an organized and inclusive community of dancers and choreographers living in or around Boone, North Carolina.


The purpose of Verge Dance Collective is to give Boone dancers and choreographers ongoing opportunities to make and perform work together on a regular basis. It is also a venue for adult dancers of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and identities to continue their movement practices in a communal environment.


In addition, the Collective operates as a Dance Company, curating and choreographing works that are shared locally and nationally, as well as hosting an Annual Company concert.



Verge Dance Collective functions as a non-profit membership organization with a rotating Board of Directors.

Collective Memberships are renewed on an annual basis and will include full memberships and student memberships. Visit the Membership page to join today.

The Board of Directors meets monthly to conduct Verge Dance Collective business. Anyone interested in joining the board should contact a current board member.


Weekly collective classes will be open to the community and taught by members for free with a suggested 1$ donation to help us pay for our use of the current space. Check our Calendar for upcoming class details.


New works and choreography are created in a conversational process with the Company Board and eventually reviewed by the Adjudication Committee before being considered for a show or included in the repertoire. The Committee assists company and visiting choreographers by reviewing work and providing feedback to ensure high quality performances. Choreographers can choose to have their work be included in the Verge Dance Collective repertoire, or share work as a guest artist.

There are several performance opportunities offered throughout the year, and one or more concert


Annual performances feature work performed and choreographed by current or past members as well as guest choreographers.


Verge Dance Collective was founded as SG Dance Theatre by Sayward Russell Grindley in 2014. Grindley was the Artistic Director and Choreographer for the Company for two years under the name "SG Dance Theatre," and the Company created the works Nth, Winter, Broken Bones of the Soul and more. Grindley and company also created the dance for film Yet We Remain which aired at the New Filmmaker's NYC in the fall of 2015. The Company performed pieces in various festivals and Theatres throughout their first two years and held their premiere full-length performance in March of 2016.


After the Director's relocation in 2016, the Company members decided to carry on the traditions started by Grindley, now operating as a Collective. Many of the Core members have already set work on the Company including Brad Parquette's work, On the Edge of an Imperfect Circle, Nicole Durfee's Sway Shape, and Jamille Wallick's, Validate. The Core Company Members formed the founding Board which now serves as the decision-making roots of the Collective.  Weekly open classes and the member-based community were added in 2017.




Visit  Open Classes

Sunday 1-2:30 | Northwest Dance Studio

1474 NC-105, Boone, NC 28607